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Coronavirus Related

AFT members and leaders appreciate your decision to order all public and private schools to close this week, but libraries are just as vulnerable to the spread of the virus. Yesterday, the American Library Association recommended closing libraries nationwide, writing that “libraries are by design unable to practice social distancing to the degree recommended by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and other health authorities. Keeping libraries open at this time has the potential to harm communities more than help.” But in Massachusetts, as a result of inconsistent decision-making at the local level and a lack of state guidance, some municipal libraries remain open, while others, including the Boston Public Library system, are closed.
Over the coming weeks, our public libraries will play an important role in supporting the education of children whose schools are closed, but public health demands that all physical library locations close and that we promote the use of ebooks, audio books, and other online services instead of physical books, DVDs, and other media.
In this time of economic disruption, all library staff must be paid without being forced to use sick days or vacation days. Additionally, anyone whose job it is to clean libraries during their closure must have appropriate health protections, like respirators and gloves, as guided by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.