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AFT Massachusetts Stands with UPS Teamsters in Campaign for Strong Contract

UPS delivery and warehouse logistics workers represented by the International Brotherhood of Teamsters are fighting for a new five-year agreement that guarantees better pay for all workers, eliminates two-tier job classifications, increases the number of full-time jobs, addresses safety and health concerns around heat illness, and provides stronger protections against managerial harassment. Their current agreement expires July 31, and thousands of UPS Teamsters have spent that past several weeks practice picketing, rallying, and mobilizing around the country.

AFT Massachusetts stands in solidarity with the tens of thousands of UPS workers who are demanding a strong contract that rewards them for their labor.

“UPS drivers and warehouse workers work in back-breaking heat and the freezing cold, making sure that packages arrive on time and in one piece. Their hard work created more than $100 billion in profits for UPS last year alone,” said AFT Massachusetts President Beth Kontos. “It’s wrong that immensely profitable corporations like UPS don’t pay all of their workers the fair wages they need to pay their rent or provide for their families. AFT Massachusetts stands with UPS Teamsters in Massachusetts and across the country in their fight to win the strongest possible contract.”

Visit the Teamsters website to learn more and support the UPS workers.

“The WGA and SAG-AFTRA strikes, as well as the Teamsters’ UPS contract campaign, are part of a larger movement across this country. Working people in Massachusetts and throughout the country are experiencing the rising cost of living while their wages remain stagnant. At the same time, those at the very top just get richer and richer,” said Kontos. “The labor movement is pushing back against the income inequality that is holding our country back, and fighting for solutions that ensure large, profitable corporations pay their fair share – to their employees, and for the public good.” 

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