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Wentworth Faculty and Librarians Win New Contract as the Result of the Union's Patience, Determination, and Unity

The Wentworth Institute of Technology Faculty Federation, AFT Local 2403, which represents the faculty and librarians at the Wentworth Institute of Technology, recently negotiated a strong three-year contract that includes a salary increase of 16.5% over three years, the addition of lecturers as members of the union, and a host of other workplace benefits.

President Rooney

The contract, which was signed on June 30, 2023, was the result of four months of negotiations, and the union won major victories by working collectively to build a strong contract campaign.  Starting during the pandemic, the federation began working together to hold university leaders accountable, including by focusing on issues facing women faculty on campus. The union kept up the pressure as contract negotiations began, and throughout bargaining pushed management to a historic agreement.  

“Winning our new contract was the result of our union's patience, determination, and unity,” said Ted Rooney, an Associate Professor of English and President of the Wentworth Faculty Federation. “Those are the fundamental elements of any successful union initiative. The union negotiation team established ambitious goals for the contract, remained steadfast in the face of management resistance to union demands, and refused to accept unreasonable proposals from management. At all times, meanwhile, the negotiating team had the full support of the union membership, which was made clear during the several meetings the negotiating team held to update members.”

Highlights of the new contract include:

  • A 16.5% pay raise for faculty and librarians, over 3 years
  • A major increase to minimum salary rates
  • Increases to merit pool and promotion payments
  • More faculty input into class scheduling
  • More sabbaticals awarded annually
  • Fair share fees for non-union bargaining unit members
  • The inclusion of Lecturers in the bargaining unit, which will extend union membership benefits and protections to 50-60 new members

“The negotiations were also a demonstration of just how valuable AFT assistance is to locals,” said Rooney. “AFT helped us formulate our goals, strategy, and tactics. That help was critical to us winning such a favorable contract.” 

Congratulations to the members of the Wentworth Institute of Technology Faculty Federation on their new contract!

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