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COVID-19 Related Resources

AFT Massachusetts is focused on the health and safetly of our members, communities and students.
On July 13th, AFT Massachusetts, the Massachusetts Teachers Association, and the Boston Teachers Union released a joint set of reopening proposals for the reopening of our public schools. In the same way that the state is taking a deliberate and careful approach to reopening the economy, the state must take an equally deliberate and careful approach to reopening our public schools. We are advocating for a phased reopening that will consist of four separate phases.
We are encouraging each of our locals to participate in the reopening plans being created in your Districts. There should be educator voice in those plans as well as parent and student input. 
COVID-19 Resources for AFT Locals
From AFT Massachusetts and the American Federation of Teachers (AFT):

From the Department of Elementary of Secondary Education (DESE):

From the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC):

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