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As educators and AFT members, we know that elections have real consequences, but the 2020 presidential election is especially important. The more involved we are, the stronger our collective voice is and the more effective our political role becomes.

With the 2020 presidential election underway, AFT members’ voices need to be heard. AFT members – make sure you take this quick survey to share your priorities in a presidential endorsement!

The AFT executive council has approved a presidential endorsement process that aspires to ensure the greatest level of participation of AFT members ever, by expanding the opportunities for members to give input and feedback, providing for direct candidate engagement with AFT members, and striving for the highest level of member participation ever achieved in an AFT presidential endorsement process.

Participation in school breakfast is associated with better health and academic outcomes for all students and is crucial for students who may not have the ability to eat before the school day begins. AFT Massachusetts has partnered with non-profit organization Project Bread and Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts to create the Teacher Champion Award to celebrate and recognize educators who have demonstrated a commitment to ending hunger in schools through school breakfast and other programs.
On August 22, five AFT Massachusetts Teacher Champions – Kelly Cronin of Salem, Sarah Cordero of
It truly was an OMG moment—first, when the Springfield Federation of Paraprofessionals won a major grant from AFT partner First Book, and next, when thousands of kindergartners all over the city got to join a read-aloud party at their school on a Friday morning and take home a free book.
Cathy Mastronardi, president of the Springfield paras’ union, describes what it was like to bring the value of our union into a collaboration with the school district in securing the First Book grant—together, winning for their community the essential resources it would be impossible to obtain alone.

Dedham teachers are walking picket lines because the Dedham School Department refuses to give them a fair contract. AFT Massachusetts stands with them in their fight to provide a better education for their students

The members of AFT Massachusetts support their fellow professionals of the Dedham Education Association. When we stand together we win.


“AFT Massachusetts members stand in strong solidarity with the Chicago Teachers Union in your fight for real education justice,” said AFT Massachusetts President Beth Kontos. “When you bargain for lower class sizes and fully staffed schools, wrap around services and restorative justice, and equal pay and fair benefits, your fight is our fight, and we’re with you all the way.”

“We’re deeply inspired by your commitment to improving your students’ lives and strengthening your schools’ communities,” Kontos continued. “You’ve shown in the past that when we stand together and fight for what’s right, we win, and we have no doubt you’ll prove it again. Educators, parents, students, and community allies in Massachusetts are standing with you until you win a contract that’s good for students and fair to educators – whatever it takes.”


“The Lynn Teachers Union’s contract negotiation shows what we can achieve when educators identify the outstanding needs that exist in our schools and work together with students, parents, and community members to fix them,” said AFT Massachusetts President Beth Kontos. “From higher pay for new employees that will help the Lynn schools attract great new educators, to an extra 40 minutes each week for elementary school teachers to communicate with parents or prepare lesson plans, this contract is good for Lynn students and fair to their educators. Congratulations to all the members of the Lynn Teachers Union on their new contract!”

Support for union members running for elected office is a top priority of AFT Massachusetts and the Massachusetts AFL-CIO.  AFT Massachusetts members interested in running for office are encouraged to participate in Union Candidates School hosted by the Massachusetts AFL-CIO.
We know that when our members run on a platform of working people’s values and receive unified support from the labor movement, we will win. The Massachusetts AFL-CIO and its Executive Board are establishing a union candidate school to train our members to run for elected office from the local/municipal level all the way up to statewide/federal office.
The Legislature’s Joint Committee on Education released the “Student Opportunity Act,” their proposed legislation to implement the recommendations of the Foundation Budget Review Commission and increase state funding for local schools.
“While it will take time to fully analyze the education funding bill announced on September 19th, the funding provisions appear to be a major victory for our students and our schools!” said AFT Massachusetts President Beth Kontos. “Thanks to everyone who rallied, wrote letters, or called your legislators.”
At AFT Massachusetts, our strength comes from our collective organizing power, which depends on our members and local leaders continually developing their skills as union organizers and leaders.
AFT Massachusetts is offering two important leadership development trainings this fall: our Annual Fall Leadership Conference, and our Member Organizing Institute. Both are important opportunities to develop your leadership and organizing skills.

AFT Massachusetts has received a $25,000 grant from First Book to provide funding directly to new educators in Boston, Chelsea, Lawrence, Lynn, Lowell, and Salem so they can purchase books for classrooms and spark their students’ interest in reading and learning. 

Through the grant, which is being matched by the American Federation of Teachers (AFT), AFT Massachusetts, and local teachers unions in the six communities, approximately 1000 new teachers will be provided with a $50 gift card to the First Book Marketplace to purchase books for their classrooms. The First Book Marketplace stocks more