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Tell the Baker administration to approve a plan to vaccinate Massachusetts school staff and librarians

While we know that vaccination will not solve all of the health concerns associated with COVID-19, we know that we can do more to keep school employees, their students and the people in their communities safer. With each day, there is more and more support for vaccinating educators.
We need all hands on deck – every available voice – to call on the Baker administration with these two simple demands:
  • Approve the Last Mile Vaccine Delivery Program so it can begin right away.
  • Make higher education employees and library workers eligible for vaccination in Phase 2 with preK-12 public school staff, integrating them into the Last Mile program and the program on their own campuses.

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Take Action: Massachusetts Must Catch Up on Our Commitment to Full Funding of Public Education

On January 27, Governor Baker released his proposed budget for the fiscal year that begins in July 2021. His proposal sets off the process of developing the state budget, and legislators need to hear from you about the importance of fully funding the Student Opportunity Act on the original promised timeline and accelerating investments in public higher education! Click here to send an automated letter today!

Pass the American Rescue Act

President Joe Biden, Vice President Kamala Harris, and their team have been working at a furious pace to identify what needs to happen fast—to contain the coronavirus, to get our country vaccinated, to help struggling Americans and their communities, and to start reversing the discriminatory, hate-driven executive actions of the last four years. But Biden and Harris cannot do it alone. Now is the time for us to roll up our sleeves and work together to build back better.
There’s no better way to start this work than by passing the $1.9 trillion rescue bill Biden proposed —the American Rescue Act. It’s the Biden plan to curb the coronavirus, get the country vaccinated and invest resources where they are needed most, including billions for states, schools and localities.

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Members of Massachusetts Education Justice Alliance (MEJA)  are the students, parents, educators, community and union members who stand united in support of the most essential public good, one conceived in our state two centuries ago: universal, free public education.

MEJA partner organizations and activists including AFT Massachusetts believe that public education, pre-kindergarten through college, is the foundation of our democracy. Public education must be protected and “cherished,” as our state Constitution demands.

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