#AFTVoices Member Benefits Spotlight Series

☀️ #AFTVoices is proud to present, Rosalinda Midence! ☀️

This series aims to uplift the voices, members, staff and educators that make up AFT Massachusetts. This week we're highlighting Rosalinda, Student Support Coordinator at Boston Day and Evening Academy with the Boston Teachers Union! Being the daughter of a teenage, immigrant mother from central America, Rosalinda knows the power of a strong network. "I was influenced by an empowering teacher and JT, my bus driver. JT would ask my mom if I had breakfast and it showed that it takes a village to care for young people. This is what propelled me to get into education. I knew I was cared for by an entire network."  

It's time to Build Back Better

Your voice matters!

We’re on the precipice of charting a bold new course for our country with the Build Back Better Act. With historic investments in school infrastructure, expanding access to high-quality healthcare, boosting our economy, expanding and making permanent the child tax credit, establishing universal pre-K, making college more affordable and accessible, supporting hospital and health center infrastructure, and more, we have an opportunity to set future generations up for success.

COVID-19 Myth-busting

Setting the record straight on dangerous misinformation campaigns fueling skepticism and hesitance around the COVID-19 vaccines.

Dangerous misinformation campaigns are fueling skepticism and hesitance around the COVID-19 vaccines, a situation that both prevents achievement of herd immunity and increases the possibility that new variants will be deadly to even the vaccinated. The truth is that 99.5 percent of all COVID-19 hospitalizations and deaths happening now are among the unvaccinated. As vaccination numbers lag and COVID-19 infections surge in many communities, it is imperative that AFT members have the most accurate and up-to-date information about the vaccines. The "COVID-19 Myth-busting Factsheet" was composed by the AFT and is intended to set the record straight about some myths and misconceptions.