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The Power of Music: Josiah Quincy Orchestra offers more than just notes


   Though the academic and overall benefits of studying and even listening to music are undisputed, music can do more for those who perform and appreciate it than help them learn a new skill or stay calm in stressful times. That is why programs like the Josiah Quincy Orchestra Program (JQOP) are so important to students and to the community.

Smile (Anyway): Reynolds Center points “Camera” at testing

     High-stakes testing has become one of the most overwhelming and daunting issues in the world of education today. In many cases, test days become sick days for students who cannot bear the thought of facing another day of wasted learning time filling out bubbles or tapping on keyboards.

Education Commissioner’s Revisions to Educator Evaluation Regulations Released for Public Comment  

Proposed “Fix” to Flawed Impact Rating System Could Be Just as Bad, Says AFT MA and MTA


Under pressure from teachers and administrators across the state, State Education Commissioner Mitchell Chester has proposed eliminating the state’s regulatory requirement that teachers receive a separate “impact on student learning” rating based on so-called district-determined measures (DDMs) and other measures of student learning such as MCAS scores.