Take Action To Ensure Full Funding for Our Schools

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From personal protective equipment and changes to school buildings, to safe staffing levels and additional services for students who cannot safely attend in-person school, we know that a deliberate and careful approach to reopening our public schools will require significantly more funding. But instead, state and local revenue shortfalls are leading to budget cuts, pink slips, and furloughs. We need action at the federal, state, and local level to ensure our schools have the full funding they need. Here’s how you can help:


  1. Sign the AFT’s federal petition calling for aid to schools, state and local governments, and healthcare in the next COVID-19 relief bill. The House passed the HEROES Act, but the Senate still needs to act.
  2. Record a video about why your school or college can't afford budget cuts.
  3. Sign the Fund Our Future petition asking Governor Baker to commit to fully funding public schools and colleges in Massachusetts, and to use his relationships with fellow Republicans to push for the passage of the federal aid we need.
  4. Sign up to support the ‘Invest in Our Recovery’ campaign led by the Raise Up Massachusetts coalition. This statewide campaign is advocating for Massachusetts legislators to raise significant new revenue from profitable corporations and their shareholders to invest in public services, rather than making deep budget cuts that drive us deeper into a recession.