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Hey, Mr. Bass-Man! Berklee Prof. Bruce Gertz lays it down.

 The world of Jazz has been illuminated by such legendary locally-sourced lights as Gary Burton, Joe Lovano, Kurt Rosenwinkel, and Marlena Shaw. No matter how brightly they shine, however, all stars need a darker background on which to sparkle. For all of these artists and many more, that bass relief has been provided by award-winning bassist, composer, producer, and Berklee professor Bruce Gertz.

Counting Down the Dayz: AFT MA Cartoonist Scott Hubeny's calendar a big hit with educators

Teaching is hard. Even though others may perceive the academic calendar as 180 “short” days, those in the schools know that the days are far from short and that to do the work well requires every day of the year. Some years, and even some weeks, it can be hard to keep a smile on your face through every day.

That is why Boston teacher and AFT MA’s resident editorial cartoonist Scott Hubeny has taken time out of many of his busiest days to put pen and ink to paper and create his popular series 180 Dayz (

The Music Man: Manager-turned-professor Ralph Jaccodine keeps it humming

Many musicians come to Boston to pursue their personal and professional dreams. And for a growing number of these, the road runs through Berklee.

While at the world-famous school of music, artists meet other like-minded people with a driving passion to express themselves through song. They also learn how to turn that passion into a career.

Among the leaders of the artist management muster at Berklee is Ralph Jaccodine.

Rolling the Stones: Multifaceted educator Pratt Bennett helps others keep dreams alive

In addition to being a liberal arts professor at Berklee and the founder of the internationally-acclaimed educator-enhancement Training Transformational Teachers Program (, as discussed in October/November, 2015 issue), which helps educators use the latest research and all manner of information-sharing to engage and enhance outcomes for all learners, Pratt Bennet is also an avid explorer of dreams who sees them not only as a portal to our unrecognized emotions, but also as guides to better dreams and more fulfilling lives.

Editing Engineer: Wentworth professor Frances "Jerry" Hopcroft helps colleagues go to press

For the past 23 years, Francis J. (“Jerry”) Hopcroft has been teaching environmental and civil engineering at Wentworth Institute of Technology. As a Registered Professional Engineer who served in every New England state and a Licensed Site Professional in MA, Hopcroft knows well the subjects about which he teaches and also knows the region well.

Perhaps it is no surprise, then, that Hopcoft has written a series of  reference manuals that are used by colleagues throughout New England and elsewhere and that he also supports others in creating their own texts.