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A Great Victory on Question 2



All of us helped to defeat Question 2 by a landslide margin.  Only 16 communities voted yes.

What accounted for this outstanding result?  Although many factors contributed, I believe that the following were most critical:


Vote No on Question 2

Although every election is important, this year’s election is exceptionally important. On the ballot is Question 2 which advocates an increase of twelve charter schools per year for eternity. Keep in mind the following facts about charter schools:


Save Our Public Schools

Save Our Public Schools (April/May 2016)


The United States of America was the first major country to support universal free public education.  Within the USA Massachusetts, led by Horace Mann’s fervent advocacy, became the national leader. The first public school in the USA was in Boston..  Free public education now exists in all fifty states.

Public education is one of the bulwarks of American democracy.