Christine Ann Moyer

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As a teacher with two decades of experience (including six with special education students), Christine Ann Moyer has a way and knows her way with students. Using her passion for art to engage and enrich her students and their lives, Moyer has not only inspired many budding artists and encouraged all students to think and act creatively and compassionately, she has even helped create a virtual art studio for her students in Medway (http:/

Whether through photography or quilting or through her words and actions, Moyer is always keen to depict and encourage the beauty in life and to help others see it as well. Perhaps that is why she is so excited to lead and support her colleagues as a new member of the AFT MA Executive Board.

“I am very excited to continue representation of my Medway Local at the state level,” she says, explaining that she was prompted to run because, when Medway Federation of Teachers leader Richard Flaherty announced his plans to step down from the Board, Moyer felt that the position on the Board was “too important to give up for our members.”

Another major reason why Moyer was eager to join the Board is her desire to support AFT MA’s push for social justice.

“That is the number one reason I must fulfill this obligation,” she suggests. “As a human being and a teacher I strongly believe that all people should be treated with respect and kindness. I also believe that everyone should be given the benefit of the doubt and interactions with others should always be positive and professional. I hope to bring this back to my district as a leader of professional conduct and bring administration, parents, and our union together as allies for best practice among professionals to facilitate the best education and care of our students.”

Having served on the executive board of Medway Public Schools for the past 18 years, Moyer is well versed in the ways of education administration and leadership. When asked what she hopes to bring to AFT MA, Moyer replies, “I would like to bring equity to different locals regarding expectations for educator evaluations. This is an overwhelming process for educators to add to their practice and it needs to be streamlined for all educators in Massachusetts.”

As she and her colleagues often feel overburdened by the demands that are put upon them by their district administrations and others, Moyer hopes to be able to mitigate and ameliorate the pains many educators go through in order to teach.

”I thrive on helping others lighten their loads,” she posits. “I have taught all grades and worked in many different subjects, but the commonality among all my experience is my ability to make a difference in the lives of the children, their parents, and my colleagues.”

Among Moyer’s specific goals is to change the structure of state testing. “I would also like to see the administration of MCAS simplified and better balanced,” she explains. “We need to consider how often this barrage of tests are really necessary and also spreading them out throughout the year so they are not so overwhelming and exhausting.”

While she has been painted as Pollyaana-ish by some, this talented artist prefers to see her role through a different lens. “The truth,” Moyer maintains, “is that great change can occur through persistence and upright behavior.” As such, she says, “It’s important to get to the truth of a situation before correcting any problems.  I will bring these strengths to the Board.”

When asked how she came to enter education in the first place, Moyer recalls a long-held desire to combine her love of art with her love of young people.

“I needed to earn a living with my arts degree,” she explains, “and I loved children.”

Armed with certification in art education, special education, and general education, Moyer has followed multiple paths simultaneously in her 20 years in the classroom but has always remained dedicated to the arts and the art of teaching – a combination that is sadly lacking in many schools today..

“It is with the highest intention that I hope to fill my seat on the board.,” she pledges. “Together I hope we can continue to make progressive change in the field of education and positive learning conditions for our educators and students. Thank you for welcoming me!”