Boston Public Schools Need Resources and Stability – Not “RECEIVERSHIP”

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Right now, the Baker administration is threatening to impose a destabilizing takeover on Boston Public Schools. Parents, educators, and students are fighting back because we know this is another distraction from winning the resources and changes our public schools need to succeed.
Across the United States, state takeovers have proven to be destabilizing, unsustainable, and dangerous for the future of children and students.
Boston parents, educators, and students are saying:
  • NO to state receivership
  • NO to state “disempowerment” zones
  • NO to top-down state interventions that ignore local voices
We are saying YES to:
  • Resources that help achieve the schools our students deserve
  • The new Boston Public Schools strategic plan, formed with community input, that prioritizes equity, social-emotional supports for students, and targeted support for the schools that need it most
  • Increased funding for public schools above and beyond the funds recently secured through the Student Opportunity Act (SOA) including full funding for the low-income portion of SOA
  • Investments to update our buildings for the 21st century
  • State funding for Hub community schools with wraparound services for students.