Meet Your Legislators

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Rep. Jamie Eldridge

Throughout his career, Senator Jamie Eldridge has done things with other people (and, in fact, the people) in mind.

Rep. Michael Day

As the sixth of seven children, Representative Michael Day learned early when to speak up and be heard and when to remain quiet and listen.
"Dinners at our home were always lively events," he recalls. "Everyone competed for time to relay a story to the rest of the family or to get in a good line during someone else's story, so you tried to pick your spots."

Sen. Eric P. Lesser

   Raised by working-class parents, Senator Eric P. Lesser knows well the value of hard work. 

“My sisters and I were raised to value family, hard work, and helping others,” Lesser recalls, noting that these are the same value she tries to instill in his own children.

Atty. Gen. Maura Healy

     As the eldest of five, Attorney General Maura Healey has decades of experience taking care of people. Raised by a school nurse, a military captain and civil engineer and an educator, Healey also knows the importance of honest work and of doing all you can to serve others. These lessons and skills have served her well throughout her legal career. 

Rep. Christine Barber

As the daughter of a retired AFT member who taught reading at the elementary level, Rep. Christine Barber knows both the vital benefits endowed by public school teachers and also the challenges they face.

When asked why she feels so strongly about supporting public education, the Representative serving Somerville and Medford recalls the many contract disputes in which her mother was involved.

“She spent a lot of time on the picket line,” Barber says.

Education was always important in the Barber home, but it was also something that Barber loved.